"No Wade. Just don’t."



"Why does everyone keep ruining my damn fun?”

"Because your idea of "fun" is sick and crude."

RP Plotting With New Partners:


Getting up the nerve to start talking to them:


What you expect to happen: 


What usually actually happens: 


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shieldarchitect ;  
*draws eyes on the back of his head*
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"Was that really a good idea?"

papafury ;  
00:00:00 //This would be a great start for Darren and Rachelle.





The newest Walking Dead comic had just come out and Darren wanted to be one of the first to get it. His mind was focused on rushing down the street to the comic store, his eyes only noticing the numbers on his wrist for a moment.

Was that 10 seconds or ten hours? Eh, whatever. I hope Clementine gets to shoot another zombie. Dude, she’s so adorable and bad ass at the same time.

His frame burst through the doors, the man taking strides towards the proper area. It was only until he had plowed a girl down that he suddenly stopped to help her. 

"Shit, so sorry. Didn’t mean to mow you down like that." He smiled sheepishly, offering the girl his hand only to notice the zeros on his arm. "Oh…uh…wow…That’s kinda awkward that I just totaled my soulmate. I’m Darren, by the way."


Rachelle laughed at his reaction as she followed him into the car to the passenger seat.

Darren revved up the engine once, soon peeling out towards his mom’s apartment.

Rachelle leaned against the window of the door, watching the buildings swoosh by in blur as they drove by.

'I can't believe that I'm actually going over his place to meet his mom. Didn't think things would go this fast haha…'

Turning her head around towards Darren, who was focusing on the road, she broke the silence between them by asking a few questions. “So… Is there anything that I should know before meeting your mom?”






Bruce was taken back,he wasn’t expecting that but he was happy about it.”…Wow…wasn’t expecting those words to come out of your mouth but I appreciate it a lot.”he grins again.”So you’re alright with my behavior?”

"There’s much that you wouldn’t expect from me Dr. Banner." he smiled. "And so long as you don’t take anymore paintings, I’m alright with it."

"I’m sure there’s just hard to pin pint those things."he says honestly.He chuckles."I’ll try not to..and I’ll put it back.I promise."he says.

"Nah, you should keep it, since you went through all of that to get it." he laughed. "It didn’t really look well in the lobby anyway."

Bruce laughed.”Oh,okay..then I will.”he grins at Fury then he looks down at his hands.”So we’re good?”

"Yeah, we’re good. This was fulfilling. I enjoyed this talk. I wouldn’t mind having another one. I may not seem the type, but if you just need to vent, I’m all ears."

"Oh yeah?"he smiles up at fury."I’d like it to,I’m learning a lot about care and you said you don’t seem the type.Nice to know the truth for once."he says."Any other secrets about yourself that you can tell at the moment?"he asks.

"Ha, nice try Dr. Banner. Maybe next time once we get to know one another better in time. For now, though, I won’t tell you anything more." he smiled.

lipsofblood-hairofnight ;  
The young man wanders around, lost and injured, his magic far too weak to heal his broken ribs. He limps around, searching for help in this strange realm. The raven hair man sighs, "W-well . . I guess this is what happens w-when light and dark magic mixes, it makes a portal" Suddenly he hears a twig snap and in milliseconds it is as if he is not injured at all. His hands are up in a defensive position, white pure magic glowing from his palms. 'Wh-who's there?!" ((Fyi Snow looks just like Loki))






"W-Woah! Take it easy. I’m not going to hurt you." Fury said with hands raised in defense as he step out from being a tree. "I didn’t mean to startle you."


Snow trembles a little, his actions the leftover of his other battle. “I . .  wh-whoa re y-yo-you?! Wh-what realm is this? I have a rebellion I need to get back to, if I’m not there, they’ll die! Oh god …” He begins to pace a little before hissing in pain and almost falling.

'He looks like Loki, but something is just off here…' he thought.

"Okay, okay, how about you just calm down for a second before you hurt yourself more with your actions." he said as he took a couple of steps towards Snow, keeping his guard up.

Snow rests back against a tree truck, “Right .  . okay . .  thank y-yo-you . .  I am Snow Wh-White . .  rightful prince of Tabor, and y-yo-you are?” He asks, jade orbs looking at the man curiously.

"Nick Fury… I run an organization in a city nearby. I recently received reports of an unnatural source of energy occurring in the forest on the outskirts of the city and thought that I should do some investigation. Only to find you here alone."

i-am-ilanastark ;  
[written on the back of his head] Swiggity Swag the Director is Fab.
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"If you weren’t Stark’s daughter, I would end you right here right now. What the hell did you even write anyway?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his head to wipe away the writing.

Not the Agent you were looking for || Papafury



There was no reason for Loki to be parading down the classified corridor that he was in.  Absolutely no reason for him to be near what the younger agents jokingly called ‘the weapons vault’ like some sacred room from a cheesy secret agent film.  Definitely no reason for him to be quickly sidling his way past the agents posted as security and then hacking his way through countless doors with ease while disguised as Agent Coulson himself, who was off on the bus, far away from SHIELD HQ.  (Knowledge of course, conveniently only available to few, and certainly not the dunderheaded thugs guarding the doors.)  When questioned, he would simply reply “Classified. Clearance Level Nine,” and none would dare question something so high above their own classification.   

Cameras were quickly disabled, replaced with replicated images of the halls, so that a simple observer would not notice the difference.  (He was incredibly unaware of whom was doing the watching on this day.)

His fingers itched to grasp what once was his, locked away somewhere down in this level for tests and studies, and he was unaware that the director had returned to the building and was now both aware of his little adventure as well as the fact that his magic had been long returning.

Fury stood near the scepter where a few scientists were experimenting on it, waiting for Loki to arrive into the lab to stop him in his tracks. There was no way in Hell that he would allow for him to get it back in his hands. After the destruction and chaos that he had caused in New York, who knew what he could do next if he were to gain that sort of power once more.

"Come and get it you piece of shit. I’m waiting right here for you…" he murmured to himself.

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